What is a Glinda Girl?

Glinda is the part of us that has a dream to live, a passion to pursue and most of all, a difference to make. She is often seen taking the high road, the road less traveled and isn’t shy about asking for directions. She has been there.  And yes m’am, done that.  The tales she could tell won’t fit on a t-shirt.

She is YOU.

Somewhere between once upon a time and happily ever after lives your story.

Your yellow brick road hasn’t always been a straight path paved with bricks of bullion.  In fact there have been pot holes, detours and seemingly dead ends.  You have set yourself apart, buckled up and settled in for the ride.  A ride that is much more than your map, it has become your blueprint for bliss.

Life is lived forward but understood backwards.

And with that you can glean the meaning and magic in the melee.

‘Endings are beginnings in disguise’ Glinda says.

You’ve lived it.  Stumbling blocks are now stepping stones.

Trials are trumped by tribulations.
You are the 21st century happy ending. No waiting to be saved. No need of a knight in shining armor.  You are bold. An intrepid trailblazer, prepared for bumps in the road of any size. Paving your way with blood, sweat and tears you have been buoyed by inspiration, determination and trust. Lots of trust. Every chapter and verse.
Be seen.  Be heard.  Be an inspiration.

It’s your coming of sage story

It’s time to tell it.